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Get ready for 30 days of prizes, with special prizes on April 1, 18, and 30, and Big Bang Mondays!!

It's only $20 per chance!



But first, a few rules for everyone.

Team Wolfe Foundation (TWF) Raffle  Rules:


  1. All participants must be 18 years of age to claim the prize of a gun or cash; 21 if the prize is a handgun.

  2. TWF will not be held responsible for any improper use of prizes.

  3. Each information card must be filled out completely by the purchaser and returned at the time of purchase to be verified by the TWF.

  4. All prize winners are subject to Federal and State Background Checks.

  5. The name on the stub must pass the background check; those that don't pass the check will receive the cash prize equivalent listed.

  6. Anyone that cannot receive a weapon as a prize due to Federal and State law must take the cash prize option marked on the calendar.

  7. The guns are provided by Whatever Firearms in Bressler, PA, and must be picked up within 30 days.

  8. All cash or firearm prizes must be picked up within 30 days of the prize date.

  9. Winners of guns will be applicable to ATF laws at the time of drawing.

  10. Winners are responsible for all FSSF/background check fees and applicable sales taxes.

  11. Hand-downs to another person are prohibited.

  12. There will be no out-of-state sales.

  13. No upgrading, you must take the prize that you won, or the associated cash prize equivalent listed.

  14. All numbers are based on the evening Pennsylvania Lottery Pick 4 Number

  15. All numbers can be checked on the EVENING 7:00 PM PA Lottery or at:

  16. All numbers are played STRAIGHT as drawn on the EVENING 7:00 PM DRAWING. No wild, bonus numbers or additional numbers will be honored.

  17. Each winner will be notified by the information provided on the calendar ticket so legible and accurate phone, text, or email information must be provided.

  18. Winners will be posted on the website daily.

  19. Unsold calendars that have their number drawn will automatically void the daily prize.

  20. All guns or cash will be handled by the TWF and Whatever Firearms.​

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Whatever Firearms is owned and operated by Scott Allen, a career firefighter and avid hunter and fisherman for over 30 years.  Scott enjoys his time hunting and fishing and is a volunteer for firefighting. Scott has a wife, three daughters, and two sons-in-law who also enjoy the same hobbies and have inspired him to start Whatever Firearms.


This event wouldn't be possible without Scott's time and energy to make it happen.  The entire Team Wolfe Foundation thanks you!!


Please contact Scott at Whatever Firearms for all your shooting sport’s needs.

514 Main St, Harrisburg, PA

(717) 648-4416

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